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Why should my child go to Forest School?

The benefits of an outdoor learning environment are endless. Our goal at the Cumberland Forest School is to create an experience that fosters development in each of the following categories.

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Physical Movement & Activity

The forest school environment is innately more active and physically stimulating than the traditional indoor classroom setting. This kind of increase in physical health and well-being can impact your student's ability to learn and excel academically. 

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Imagination & Creativity

When students are tasked with using the natural world as their playground and workspace, their creativity and problem-solving can be explored without limitation. 


Healthy Risk-taking

Children who are given the opportunity to experience healthy risk-taking, like climbing trees or helping with fire-building, are better able to mitigate future risks. Giving our children the autonomy to choose and learn in a supportive and safe environment helps us trust them, and more importantly helps them to trust in themselves.

Community & Collaboration

Learning how to interact with others is an incredible value that is established in an outdoor environment. When children are exposed to the elements daily, they learn how to better communicate with their peers, support others, and work together in order to grow. 



We give our students real life responsibilities that are coupled with real life consequences. If we don't water our garden, the plants will wilt and die. If we leave our mittens outside, they could get wet. Our students are treated with respect and trust so that they may thrive and experience life to its fullest. 


Stewardship of Nature

Research has shown that children who spend more time in an outdoor setting are more likely to make efforts to protect our natural world in the future. Forest school offers this inspiration of stewardship.

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