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Election Day Camp

November 8th, 2022
8am - 3pm

Election day is an important break that allows educators to vote in local elections. With our full day camp, we hope to help both teachers and parents of school-aged children (ages 6-11) participate in local government while offering dedicated and intentional care for their students. 

We will spend our day outside, exploring our beautiful Tennessee forests, collaborating with fellow students through team-building activities and practicing mindfulness in the serenity of the outdoors.

Camp Schedule

8:00    -   Meet at Lake Cheston Pavilion

8:30    -   Morning game

9:00    -   Outside free play

9:45    -   Snack*

10:00  -   Hike & exploration

10:45  -   Sit-spots & mindfulness

11:00  -   Nature-based Lesson & activity

12:00  -   Lunch*

12:30  -   Afternoon activity (farming, hiking, crafting, fort-building, etc. will be determined closer to camp date)

1:30    -   Free play

2:15    -   Snack*

2:30    -   Return to Pavilion

3:00    -   Dismissal

*Food not provided by CFS - please pack your own snacks & lunches

Peer Connection
Responsibility & Safety
Place-based Learning & Appreciation
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